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No More Signed Baseballs

McGwire's plan did not come together as well as he thought.

Recently, former home run champion and runner-up in the largest arms in the world contest, Mark McGwire, admitted to using steroids during his Major League career. While this should surprise no one, it is surprising any baseball or pro sports fan can come away from this unfazed.

My first inclination when pondering the Steroid Era is to completely abandon any interest in professional baseball. The game is irrevocably tainted. How do I know who has an unfair advantage? Why should I celebrate a league that may be full of cheaters?

Should you not, however, assume the game is already tainted? Who among my faithful readers remembers the 1919 Black Sox scandal? The game was damaged, assuredly, but not significantly enough for it to lose all credibility. The same thing is happening post-Steroid Era.

But why is that? Why do we give pro sports the benefit of the doubt?

The question in all of pro sports, including baseball, is no longer “can I watch a tainted game?” It is instead, “do I care if it is tainted?” Force yourself to take a second look at the old maxim “if you’re not cheating, you’re not trying” and you may realize cheating is inevitable.

Do you believe Vince Lombardi? Remember, “Winning isn’t everything. It’s the only thing.” Or do you still hold hope for the Tony Dungys of the sports world?

I have a lot of questions in this article and that is by design—mostly because I have no answers. This is not simply a case of the few poisoning the many in baseball. This is an opportunity for all sports fans to question why they invest so much time into these pursuits. You need to discover for yourself.

Why do you continue to watch?

Tell us by leaving a comment below.